'Planet Earth II' is the best 4K Blu-Ray ever made



4K Blu-Ray disks are what you go for if you absolutely have to have the best TV experience available on the market right now. This new format offers 2,160 lines of resolution, which is double what you get in regular Blu Ray HD. It can also support the more lifelike 60 frames per second. 

Sorry, streaming services: For crispness, color and clarity, and for the Dolby Atmos sound, 4K disks will beat the already-impressive 4K content on Netflix every time.  

But like all new entertainment tech, 4K Blu Ray suffers a chicken-and-egg problem. It’s expensive and the price will only come down when more people buy it (plus the necessary 4K TVs), which will only happen when there’s something worth buying that was shot especially for the format, which will only happen when more people are able to play it.  Read more…

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