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Q. I can print documents directly from my iPad to a Hewlett-Packard wireless printer over my home network. Can I print from a new Android device to this same printer, too?

A. If the printer is a model that supports the Google Cloud Print software or if it has an app for wireless printing from the manufacturer (like the HP Print Service Plugin), you should be able to use it with your Android phone or tablet. (Note that Android versions often differ across hardware makers and your device may have its own printing solution installed by the manufacturer.)

If you have a fairly recent version of Android on your device, the Cloud Print software is probably already installed. You can check by opening the Settings icon and in the System area and looking to see if you have a Printing icon. Tap Printing to locate and select your wireless printer on the network. (If you do not have Google Cloud Print installed, you can download it from the Google Play store.)


Most Android devices can use Google Cloud Print or a manufacturer’s utility app to send documents and photos to a network printer.

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To print an open file, tap the three-dot menu button in the top corner and select Print; on some apps, you need to tap Share and then Print. Not every Android app supports printing, however, so if you do not see a Print option in the app’s menus, it probably does not offer that function. Most of Google’s apps for Android can print — including Chrome, Gmail and the Google Docs suite.

Plug-in apps from printer manufacturers can often give you more model-specific options, like choice of paper size. HP’s support site has specific instructions for using its Android HP Print Service software with its wireless printers. Other companies that make printers — like Brother, Canon and Epson — have their own dedicated apps and guides for printing from Android devices. Check the support area of their respective websites.

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