St. Louis TV Commentator Resigns After Threatening David Hogg


The controversy comes as Sinclair, the country’s largest broadcaster, faces accusations of advancing a right-leaning agenda, fueled recently by widely shared videos of anchors at dozens of stations reciting the same script about bias in the media.


The host Jamie Allman last year. His “Allman Report” television show was canceled and the future of his radio show is unclear.

Cristina M. Fletes/St. Louis Post-Dispatch, via Associated Press

Those videos also reignited a debate over Sinclair’s size and its prolonged battle to complete a $3.9 billion blockbuster merger with Tribune Media.

While Mr. Allman’s tweet was posted more than two weeks ago, it had become the focus of a growing and ultimately successful campaign to pressure advertisers to drop his show, “The Allman Report.” Late last week, a health care provider, a real estate company and a steakhouse all announced that they had withdrawn from the program.

That campaign was reminiscent of a similar and successful effort aimed at the Fox News host Laura Ingraham after she accused Mr. Hogg, a high school senior, of complaining about being rejected from some colleges.

Mr. Hogg weighed in on the controversy over Mr. Allman’s comment on Twitter on Monday night, suggesting that he found it to be a distraction from the debate over gun violence.

The future of Mr. Allman’s regular radio show, “Allman in the Morning,” is unclear. He has been taken off the air, pending an investigation, according to Entercom Communications, which only two months ago purchased KFTK-FM, the station on which his show airs.

A Twitter account for Mr. Allman’s television show was taken down on Tuesday and his personal account is now private, meaning only those he approves can read what he shares on the social network.

Mr. Allman could not be reached for comment.

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