12 Dunkin’ Donuts drinks to order when you’re trying to be healthy



That said, if you’re missing some filling in your donut with the previous two options, you can order a Bavarian Kreme donut. This donut clocks in at 270 calories , making it one of the lower calorie options on the Dunkin’ Donuts menu.

Plus, even with all the delicious cream, there’s only 9 grams of sugar per donut. So, if you get a fairly simple coffee or tea to pair with this donut, you can get away with having a little bit of morning indulgence.

Healthy Dunkin’ Donuts food definitely sounds like a myth, but clearly it’s not impossible! If you hit up Dunkin’ on the regular, you can walk in with confidence knowing that you have plenty of options to make smart choices. You can still “run on Dunkin’,” but with these choices, you won’t need to go for a run after every trip.

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