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11 luxury destinations that are cheaper than you think

Luxury doesn’t have to mean expensive, especially in a destination with a favorable exchange rate. If beachfront villas and fine dining without the five-star price tag is more your travel style, consider these 11 luxury destinations and hotels around the world that offer affordable-yet-glamorous vacations… [read more]

How to design a luxury superyacht

hen super-rich clients spend tens of millions on a superyacht, they expect something unique. That’s where studios such as Britain’s Winch Design step in, tasked with making a 2,000-tonne megayacht look sleek, stylish and original. “They don’t want to buy something that’s standard, something that others have got, something that’s off the shelf — that would be the easy option,” Winch Design’s Jim Dixon tells CNN… [read more]

5 dreamy private islands in the Caribbean you can buy right now

Like the appeal of seclusion … but not too much seclusion? This sliver of undeveloped land is located in a sought-after part of the Exumas island chain, just a few miles from marinas, yacht clubs, boutique resorts, and attractions like an underwater cave and the Bahamas’ famed swimming pigs. On this idyllic spot of land, you can build your dream house along one of two pristine white sandy beaches or atop the island’s 30-foot perch, which offers 360-degree views of the crystal-clear Caribbean waters… [read more]

Dubai plans to be world’s most popular tourist destination by 2025

Look out Bangkok, London and Paris – Dubai wants to unseat you as the world’s most popular tourist destination. The three cities last week topped the annual MasterCard survey of the world’s most-­visited cities. Dubai is certainly up there – in fourth place – but under a new strategy revealed on Wednesday by the Crown Prince of Dubai, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, it is aiming for the top spot… [read more]

Disgusting Food Museum brings together the world’s grossest dishes

Prepare yourself – and your stomach – for some of the grossest meals in the world. What you’re looking at here is an exhibit in the Disgusting Food Museum. It’s bull’s penis and it’s a Chinese delicacy. And the museum’s curator hopes it might help to change our ideas about what we find disgusting. Curator and “chief disgustologist” Samuel West told 9Pickle the collection was put together for a purpose… [read more]

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